Content App

Create a program that will be equally attractive, interesting and motivating for your customers, regardless of whether they are on mobile devices or on the desktop.

Reward users for making targeted actions by awarding points, develop your brand by attracting new users through the referral program, provide additional points to users for participating in the program of providing purchased goods to new users and proumotizing them.

You can easily change any settings for both appearance and internal logic. It is easy to manage and make changes to your reward program in one place. An excellent program is always developing!

Tools for configuring custom notifications will be available to you. You can always look at the user's actions and see the conversion of your loyalty program.

For the smallest companies, we have a free plan that provides basic functionality.

Our priority is to increase the number of your sales, and we will always develop along this path.

What you need to do to launch our app

It's very simple, you need just set some rules

Frequently Ask Questions

Since we have not started in production yet, we do not have frequently asked questions and only test plugs are presented here

What is this - Content App?

Increase the loyalty of the user to your brand and launch a powerful loyalty program within 2 minutes

I have technical problem, who do I email?

You can write to [email protected]

How do I use Content App features?

First of all you need to install our app in your shopify store

What language are available?

Now we have only English language

What currency are available?

Now currency in our app is only American Dollars

Is Content App free?

Our price start from $0 per month

About us

We are extremely ambitious and want to offer you a product of the highest quality, capable of increasing the loyalty of buyers of your site, and for this we need a little time. Endure, and soon you will be able to use our applications!

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